Add Rack discovery failed.

Error conditions

The error message can be for the following conditions:
  1. Provisioner is not accessible.
  2. Provisioner is invalid.
  3. Invalid OCP Role in the auxiliary kickstart.
  4. Insufficient number of storage nodes on the auxiliary rack.
  5. Insufficient number of NVMe disks per node on the auxiliary rack.
  6. SCP failed for stage-1 generated JSON files.
  7. Malformed stage-1 generated files.
  8. Duplicate entries in the appliance-info configmap.
  9. Failed to detect the provisioner node.
  10. Insufficient nodes; current status of the nodes that were successfully added to compute cluster.
  11. Internal error caused by K8S resource creation.



User action

Do the following steps to diagnose the error:
  1. For error condition one and two, check the DNS configuration and retry. If the issue persists, then collect the Network logs and Compute logs and contact IBM support .
  2. For error condition three, check the stage 1 installation generated kickstart JSON and ensure that the stage 1 installation is done successfully with expansion rack as the selected option.
  3. For error condition four, the number of nodes available on the auxiliary rack and ensure that all the nodes are connected.
  4. For error condition five, check that all the storage node should have disks for storage.
  5. For error condition six, copying stage 1 generated files from the auxiliary rack provisioner node failed. Check access and connectivity to the provisioner host.
  6. For error condition seven, the files that are generated in Stage 1 installation on the provisioner node of the auxiliary rack are malformed. Retry stage 1 installation and choose an expansion rack for the additional rack to succeed.
  7. For error condition eight, the auxiliary details are already available on the base rack, and this issue is caused by incorrect inputs during stage1 install of the auxiliary rack installation. Retry stage 1 installation with valid inputs.
  8. For error condition nine, check the network and DNS configuration and retry.
  9. For error condition 10, all the discovered auxiliary nodes cannot be configured within the stipulated timeout. This issue resolves itself. If the issue persists for more than 30 minutes, then check the network connectivity to the failed auxiliary nodes.
  10. For error condition 11, this issue resolves itself. If the issue persists for a long time, then you can collect Network logs and Compute logs and contact IBM support .