Not all IBM Spectrum Protect Plus agent pods are active.



User action

Do the following steps to diagnose the error:

  1. Run the command to get the list of IBM Spectrum Protect Plus Agent (BAAS) pods:
    oc get pods -n baas
  2. If any pods are not ready, run the command to check why the pods are not ready:
    oc get pod podname -n baas -o yaml
    Note: The pods which are not active, download the logs for that pods using the pod name.
    Run the command to get the pod name:
    oc get pod

    Some pods require the container name to be specified after the pod-name. For example, see

    oc logs pod-name > /tmp/pod.log
  3. If all pods are active and the problem still persists, check the IBM Spectrum Protect Plus Server user interface for its connection state.
  4. Contact IBM Support.