Adding nodes to your IBM Storage Fusion Data Foundation storage

You can select additional nodes to expand your local storage configuration.

Before you begin

You must have completed the IBM Storage Fusion Data Foundation local storage configuration. For more information about the configuration, see Configuring Data Foundation local storage.

About this task

Note: When the IBM Storage Fusion Data Foundation is in dedicated mode and Global Data Platform service is also enabled, you cannot add nodes to scale out.
For Red Hat® OpenShift® Data Foundation deployed outside of IBM Storage Fusion, you cannot add nodes from IBM Storage Fusion instead you get redirected to add nodes from OpenShift Container Platform web console.


  1. In the Data Foundation page, click Add nodes in the Storage nodes section.
    The Add storage nodes window gets displayed.
  2. In the Add storage nodes window, select one or more nodes.
    The Summary section includes usable capacity, current total, and projected total. The Current total indicates the previous selection and Projected total is an aggregation of the previous and new selection.
  3. Click Add.
    The Data Foundation page is displayed. After the selected node is added to the configuration successfully, the Add button changes to Configuring. After the configuration completes, the button changes to Complete with a green tick mark. When there are no more nodes available for expansion, the Add nodes button gets grayed out.