Reports for Data Cataloging

Reports for Data Cataloging are grouped or non-grouped. Grouped reports have information for count and sum in columns and non-grouped reports have information in rows.

Data Curation Reports are a way for administrators, also known as data curators, to view the state of their storage environment in different ways. They can range from high-level grouped information to individual record level information.

For example, you can sort a report by owner, project, and department, or you can generate a list of records that meet a specific criterion. Additionally, you can create a report that lists the records in a project, not been reviewed for over a year. The owner of the data can evaluate whether to archive or delete the report.

For more information, see ReportsReports in Data Cataloging: Administration Guide.

For more information, see REST API for Data Cataloging. For more information, see REST API in the Data Cataloging: REST API Guide.