Enriching metadata

Data Cataloging can enrich the metadata from supported platforms with additional information by using policies, content inspection, custom tags, and custom applications.


Policies are used to add additional information about the source data that is indexed in Data Cataloging. A policy determines the set of files to add tag values to, or to send to the built-in content inspection capabilities of Data Cataloging, or to a custom application through filtering criteria. The policies give you the ability to run actions one time or on a set schedule. Policies work in batches and can be paused, resumed, stopped, or restarted. You can control the load on the Data Cataloging system or source storage system for content inspection policies and policies that start custom applications.


A deep inspect application extracts information from source data records and returns it to Data Cataloging to be indexed. For example, by using a custom application, you might create a DEEP-INSPECT policy to extract key characteristics from files of a certain type. The characteristics are applied to the metadata records for the files in Data Cataloging as custom tags and made searchable. You can search for data by name, size, and content.

You can use custom applications to extend the capabilities that are performed by Data Cataloging.