A Persistent Volume Claim (PVC) is nearing its full capacity and may lead to data loss if not attended to in a timely manner.

Impact: High


  • Expand the PVC size to increase the capacity.
    1. Log in to the OpenShift Web Console.
    2. Go to Storage > PersistentvolumeClaim.
    3. Select openshift-storage from the Project drop-down list.
    4. On the PVC you want to expand, go to Action menu (⋮) > Expand PVC.
    5. Update the Total size to the desired size.
    6. Click Expand.
  • Alternatively, you can delete unnecessary data that may be taking up space.
  • ceph osd pool set-quota <pool> max_bytes <bytes>
  • ceph osd pool set-quota <pool> max_objects <objects>
Setting the quota value to 0 will disable the quota.