Resetting the sdadmin password

If the sdadmin password changes and you forget the password, you can access the keystone container and run the script to reset the password to the original password.


  1. Issue the following command to get the keystone pod name:
    oc get pods -n ibm-data-cataloging | grep keystone
    The system returns the pod details similar to the following:
    Name                                         READY   STATUS   RESTARTS  AGE
    spectrum-discover-keystone-599cf9fb77-bpqc8  1/2     Running    0       3d21h
  2. Issue the following command to secure a connection to the IBM Spectrum® Discover application:
    oc rsh -n ibm-data-cataloging spectrum-discover-keystone-599cf9fb77-bpqc8

    Here, the default container is spectrum-discover.

  3. Navigate to the directory cd / and run the script to reset the details or the original password.
    : ussuri
    : 3
    : RegionOne
    : keystone
    : default
    : spectrum-discover
    : sdadmin
    : Passw0rd
    : admin
    keystone-manage bootstrap --bootstrap-project-name spectrum-discover --bootstrap-username sdadmin --bootstrap-password Passw0rd --bootstrap-role-name admin --bootstrap-service-name keystone --bootstrap-region-id RegionOne --bootstrap-admin-url --bootstrap-public-url --bootstrap-internal-url