Product overview

IBM® Spectrum Fusion HCI is a container-native hybrid cloud data platform for Kubernetes applications on Red Hat® OpenShift® Container Platform. It features an appliance form-factor, hyper-converged infrastructure along with integrated software-defined storage to meet the storage requirements of modern, stateful Kubernetes applications.

Built with a storage platform that includes the essential elements necessary for mission-critical containers and the hybrid cloud, IBM Spectrum Fusion HCI provides a comprehensive infrastructure with compute, networking, and storage resources, including a data platform and global data services for Red Hat OpenShift. IBM Spectrum Fusion software delivers storage services that are necessary for enterprise applications and data-driven Red Hat OpenShift environment. IBM Spectrum Fusion software provides transparent access to container data using software defined storage configured with local disks based on IBM Spectrum Scale ECE .

IBM Spectrum Fusion HCI features:
  • Bare-metal deployment of Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform to eliminate performance and cost overhead of hypervisors
  • Integrated software-defined cloud-native storage
  • Integrated backup and restore of application persistent volumes and metadata to both on-rack and off-rack backup targets
  • High performance, low latency NVMe local storage
  • Production ready from power-up in as little as 4 hours
  • Simple to scale compute and storage in the field
  • Single point of contact for support of the complete solution
  • Active File Management support with replication of data to other datacenter or public cloud targets
  • Integrated infrastructure management experience
  • Ability to run VM based workloads along side container-native workloads with OpenShift Virtualization
  • Native IBM Cloud Satellite and Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management integration
IBM Spectrum Fusion benefits:
  • Speed development
    Preconfigured infrastructure to develop cloud native applications faster (DevOps).
  • Ease operations
    All-in-one solution to simplify management with scalability for future growth (ITOps).
  • Hybrid cloud integration
    Improve application collaboration that is connecting data from the data center to the cloud and bringing more application agility. It integrates the data center to public cloud resources.
  • Lower cost of infrastructure
    Connects data silos to avoid duplication of data and merges compute and storage to lower infrastructure costs.
  • Modernize AI workloads
    Supports GPU accelerated applications with NVIDIA A100 GPU nodes and integrate IBM Cloud Paks to infuse AI across organization.

    Supported Cloud Pak deployments: Deploy Cloud Pak for Integration and its components, supported on Spectrum Scale as storage, for an end to end integration of applications. Ensure to have a block size of 1MB and storage permissions set to 777. For more details about Cloud Pak for Integration, see IBM Documentation.

  • Application modernization
    Migrate existing applications to OpenShift by running VMs on OpenShift Virtualization while also containerizing applications using the common OpenShift control plane.
  • IBM Cloud Satellite integration
    Deployed managed services from IBM Cloud to IBM Spectrum Fusion with ease using an IBM Cloud Satellite integrated experience.