Configuring anomaly strength threshold

Anomaly strength threshold is a prediction setting that helps you to identify unusual change rates in the backup data. Data Management uses machine learning algorithms to continuously monitor backups for any anomaly. If an anomaly is detected, an anomaly alert is generated. All anomaly alerts have an associated anomaly strength with a numeric value between 0 to 100. The anomaly strength is a measure of the confidence of anomaly prediction. The Data Management dashboard triggers an email notification regarding the alert only if the anomaly alert has an anomaly strength greater than the anomaly strength threshold set by the user. By default, the anomaly strength is 70%. You can add or edit the email address to which you want to receive the ransomware alert. For more information, see Manage Alert Notifications Rule.

For example, set the Anomaly Strength Threshold to 50%, any alert with an anomaly strength higher than 50 will trigger an email notification. Email notifications are not sent if the detected anomaly strength is less than or equal to 50%.

To configure the notifications threshold, complete the following steps:
  1. In the Objects with Anomalous Snapshots section, click .
  2. Use the slider to increase or decrease the anomaly strength.
  3. Click Save.
    Note: The lesser the anomaly strength, the more email notifications are triggered.