Adding a new simulation


To add a new simulation, complete the procedure:

  1. From the dashboard, navigate to System > Simulation.
    The Simulation page displays.
  2. Click + to create a new simulation.
  3. Enter a relevant Simulation Name and provide a date until when this simulation will be active in the Simulation Until Date field.
    • You can select a date from the current date up to a date within six months from the current date.
    • The Simulation Until Date must be always greater than the start date of any event.
  4. Click Add to select an event from the drop-down list to be simulated.
    You can create multiple events in this simulation page.
    Note: The following options in the Add simulation list are currently unavailable:
    • Add View
    • Edit Policy
    • Edit Protection Group
  5. Click Run.
    After a successful run, the simulation is populated in the Simulation dashboard.
    • If the simulation fails, the data is not populated and a “Failed” status is displayed. You have an option to rerun the simulation. Currently, a failed simulation cannot be edited before re-run.
    • While the simulation execution is in progress, users can navigate out of the simulations interface and revisit the simulation page later.