Connecting an IBM Storage Protect server to Data Management

Connecting an existing IBM® Storage Protect server to IBM Storage Defender® Data Management Service (Data Management) allows you to manage IBM Storage Protect server backups from Data Management along with your other clusters.

About this task

To connect or "claim" an IBM Storage Protect server, complete the procedure to download and install the IBM Storage Defender connection agent. Install the IBM Storage Defender connection agent on the IBM Storage Protect server that you are claiming. The system where you install the agent must meet the following requirements:
  • Must be running on a supported operating system:
    • Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® 8.7 or later RHEL 8 levels
    • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15.0 or later SLES 15 levels
  • The IBM Storage Protect server that you are claiming must be running Linux for System x, and the server must be running IBM Storage Protect 8.1.18 or later versions.


  1. On the IBM Storage Defender menu bar, click Connection agents. The Connections agents page is displayed.
    Important: To register an IBM Storage Protect server by using the Defender connection agent, your Data Management user account must have Admin role privileges.
  2. Click Download agent to download the Defender connection agent file to the Downloads directory on your local system.
  3. To install the Defender connection agent, complete the following steps:
    1. Extract the file that you downloaded in step 2 by issuing the following command from the terminal:
      tar -xvf defender-agent-filename-tar.gz
      Where defender-agent-filename-tar.gz is the name of the downloaded file.
    2. Run the following installation script as sudo, specifying a local user account:
      sudo ./ -u user
      Where user is the name of an existing user account on your local system that will be used to run the Defender connection agent after the agent is installed. Designate a user account that does not have administrator rights for the local system. After the Defender connection agent is installed, the agent will always run as the specified user.
  4. Remember: Run dcli commands by using the local user account that you specified in step 3.b.
    Register the IBM Storage Protect server with Data Management by issuing the dcli server register command:

    /opt/ibm/defender/bin/dcli server register -a admin_name -p password -d server_ip_address -o port -n server_nickname -t truststore_password
    Where admin_name is the IBM Storage Protect server administrator name that is used to authorize the server registration to Data Management, password is the IBM Storage Protect server administrator password, server_ip_address is the IP address or hostname for the IBM Storage Protect server, port is the IBM Storage Protect server port number, server_nickname is a user-specified nickname for the IBM Storage Protect server that will be displayed in Data Management, and truststore_password is the truststore password.
    /opt/ibm/defender/bin/dcli server register -a adminA -p myp@ssword -d -o 1500 -n server1 -t secretpassword
    Note: After you register the server with Data Management, a new administrator who is named ibm-eagle-agent-admin is created on the IBM Storage Protect server. This new administrator account has a low level of system privilege and is used by the IBM Storage Defender eagle agent service to retrieve information from the IBM Storage Protect server.
  5. Connect the registered IBM Storage Protect server to Data Management by completing the steps to claim the server:
    1. Start the claim by issuing the dcli claim start command:
      /opt/ibm/defender/bin/dcli claim start
      When the command finishes running, a URL is displayed.
    2. Copy and paste the URL into any web browser.
    3. From the Cohesity Support Portal page, click MyCohesity Login. Specify the login credentials for the cluster management account.
      Important: You must specify the cluster management account credentials that were originally used to register with IBM Storage Defender. You cannot start a claim between an IBM Storage Protect server and Data Management using any other credentials.
    4. After you log in to MyCohesity, a blank page is displayed in the browser window if your login was successful. If your login is not successful, the page indicates that your authentication was not authorized.
      Tip: After you log in, you have 15 minutes to complete the steps to finalize the claim. After 15 minutes, the link expires and you must log in again by using the same URL.
    5. Finalize the claim by issuing the dcli claim finalize command from the terminal:
      /opt/ibm/defender/bin/dcli claim finalize
  6. Start the Defender connection agent by issuing the eagle-agent start command:
    /opt/ibm/defender/bin/dcli eagle-agent start
  7. To verify that the IBM Storage Protect server was successfully connected, launch Data Management and navigate to Settings > Clusters. The Cluster Management page is displayed.

    If the cluster connection was successful, the Connection column displays a Green check mark icon Connected status for the cluster.