Configuring firewall rules in the VPC network

About this task

Verify that firewall rules exist (or create new ones) for your VPC network that allow network traffic over the protocols and ports specified in the tables below. The Cloud Edition cluster requires these rules to allow network traffic for cluster operations.

If you use an existing security group, ensure that the correct ports are open.

Before creating firewall rules, read Firewall Rules Overview in the GCP documentation.


To verify or create a Firewall Rule, complete the following steps:

  1. Log in to Google Cloud Platform console with an account that has been granted the IAM roles required to create IBM® nodes (instances).
  2. From the menu bar drop-down, select your project where the IBM VMs will be created.
  3. From the Menu Icon, select NETWORKING > VPC network > Firewalls rules.
  4. If a firewall rule (listed in Ingress firewall ports and Egress firewall rules) does not already exist, create a new firewall rule by clicking CREATE FIREWALL RULE.
  5. Create firewall rules using the following information and the information in Ingress firewall ports and Egress firewall rules.
    • Action on match: allow.
    • Priority: Your choice.
    • Target: Apply to all targets and target tags, or optionally filter by network tags or service account.
  6. Click Create.
  7. Repeat for the rows in the tables (Ingress firewall ports and Egress firewall rules).