Viewing scan results

The Scan Results page provides a list of scan results and enables option for you to drill down further to view the issues. You can narrow down the results by using the Date Range filter.


To view the scan results, complete the following steps:

  1. In the Data Management Dashboard, navigate to Security > Security Advisor > Scan Results.
  2. Use the Date Range filter, select one of the following options, and click Apply:
    • Today
    • Yesterday
    • Last 7 Days
    • Last 30 Days
    • Custom—Select the dates from the date picker
    The scan results are displayed and you can view the following details:
    • Name of the scan
    • Security score
    • Total number of clusters
    • Total issues
    • Date and time at which the last scan was performed
  3. Click on a scan result to view the issues corresponding to the scan.