Managing quorum groups

In IBM® Storage Defender® Data Management Service, a quorum group configuration includes operation target, operations, approval quorum, and approval workflow. You can modify the existing quorum groups based on your requirement.

  • An existing quorum group can be modified only by the quorum member in the group. Also, the operation requires quorum approval.
  • You cannot modify the quorum group if there are pending requests for the operations controlled by the quorum group.
  • Quorum groups can get into a deadlock scenario when a sufficient number of quorum members are unavailable to make a Quorum decision, whether permanently or temporarily. The deadlock scenario arises as the quorum group cannot be modified without quorum approval from the members. Also, the operations secured by the quorum group cannot be executed.

The following are examples of the Quorum deadlock scenarios:

Number of Members in the Quorum Group Number of Approvers in the Quorum Group Minimum Number of Unavailable Members for the Deadlock to Happen
2 2 1
3 2 2
3 3 1
4 2 3

To resolve the Quorum deadlock scenario, contact IBM support.