Anomalous object details

The anomalous object details page provides information about the specific cluster with anomaly snapshots, anomaly strength, source, system name, the total number of files added or modified and the total number of files detected with an anomaly.

From the list of anomalous objects, click the link of any object to view more details. The snapshots are displayed on a graph. The y-axis shows the file size and the x-axis shows the time.

The legends on the graph indicate the following:
  • Red – Anomalous snapshot.
  • Blue – Clean snapshot.
  • Green – Latest clean snapshot.

Hover on each snapshot on the graph to view more details of the snapshots.

Add Object to Recover
Click Add Object to Recover to recover an anomalous object. For more information, see Recover Objects.
Ignore Anomaly
Click Ignore Anomaly if you do not want email notifications for the anomalous snapshot for 30 days. Data Management continues to evaluate the protection runs but does not trigger an alert for 30 days or until the anomaly strength is more than the anomaly strength of the ignored alert.