Viewing reports


To view a report in Data Management, follow the procedure:

  1. Log in to Data Management.
  2. Click All Clusters from the navigation menu.
  3. From the navigation menu, click Reporting.

    By default, the Library tab is displayed.

  4. Click a report card. For more information, see Choose a Report Type.

    Each report helps you view, visualize, and analyze data. The following table describes the key features of Data Management reports:

    Name Description
    Filters Each report provides various filters that help you pare down the report until it shows only the data that you want in the report. The filter options change depending on the type of report. For more information, see Filter Report Data.
    Glance bar The glance bar provides a summary of the report for the time period that you specify in the filter.
    Charts Each report includes charts that provide a graphical representation of data.
    Data table The Data table in the report provides deeper insights to help you analyze the data. You can customize the columns in the table. For more information, see Customize Table Columns.
    Common tasks

    You can complete the following tasks: