Scheduling reports

You can schedule reports to run at periodic intervals. After you select a report and filter the scope, you can schedule the report to run and send an email to recipients at specified times.

Before you begin

  • SSO users can view and download reports. To schedule reports, SSO users must be explicitly added in Data Management. For more information about explicitly adding users, see Managing users.
  • If the report is too large, the email contains a download link instead of an attachment.
  • The columns that are included in the scheduled report are the columns available in the default view. If you customized the table, those changes are not reflected in the scheduled report.


  1. Log in to Data Management.
  2. Click All Clusters from the navigation menu.
  3. Click Reporting. By default, the Library tab is displayed.
  4. Click a report card. For more information, see Choose a Report Type.
  5. Click Schedule.
    Note: If the SSO user is not explicitly added in Data Management, the Schedule button is not displayed.

    The Schedule Report window is displayed.

  6. Configure the following details in the Schedule Report window:
    Schedule Name
    Enter a name for your report.
    Choose the frequency and the time at which to run the report.
    Enter the email address of the recipient. You can enter multiple email addresses.
    Email Subject
    Enter a subject line for the email.
    Select the formats. The recipients receive the report in the format that you select.
  7. Click Schedule.

    The recipients receive a new email with the updated report on the schedule that you selected. See your scheduled reports under the Scheduled tab on the Reporting page.