Report Data

The following table describes the data displayed in the Data table. Use the search bar to filter the data by object name, protection status, source, or system name.

You can add or remove columns. For more information, see Customize table columns.

Column Name Description
Object Name The name of the object.
Protection Status The protection status of the object.
Source The name of the registered source.
System The name of the cluster on which the object is registered.
Logical Data

The combined total of data in the objects that are protected by Data Management. These metrics are different depending on workload type.

  • VMs—The data size reported by VMware is the provisioned amount, not the actual data residing in the VM. For example, if a VM is provisioned for 1 TB but contains only 100 GB of data, VMware reports it as 1 TB.

  • All Other Workloads—The data size reported is the actual front end data residing on the server. If a server with 1 TB capacity contains 100 GB of data, the server reports 100 GB.

Data Management does not include unprotected objects in these metrics. Currently, the logical data value shown on the Data Management Dashboard is a sum of the logical data values captured across all the protection runs. For instance, if the source has 100 GB of logical data, and assuming it remains at 100 GB for the first 10 protection runs, Data Management would report, after 10 runs, the Logical Data to be 1000 GB (1 TB).

Organization The name specified for the organization when added to the cluster.