Before you deploy the Cloud Edition cluster, you must meet the following requirements:
  • You must have an AWS IAM user account that is attached to an IAM policy. The IAM policy grants permissions to create the cluster (the permissions are provided later in this document and while creating the deployment job). For more information, see Create a Policy and Create an IAM User.
  • You must have the access key (the access key ID and secret access key combination) for the AWS user account. The access key is used only during deployment; it is not saved in Data Management.
  • You must have an AWS VPC (Virtual Public Cloud) and a subnet.

    Select a VPC and subnet when you create the deployment job. The subnet must be able to reach the AWS Systems Manager because cluster deployment creates EC2 instances and then uses the SSM Agent to create the cluster. For more information, see Interface VPC Endpoint or Internet Access in the AWS documentation.

  • During the deployment process, you have an opportunity to select an existing AWS EC2-VPC security group or create a new one. If you create a new one, it will automatically contain rules that open the ports that are required for cross-node communication within the cluster. If you use an existing security group, ensure that the correct ports are open.
  • The AWS m5.4xlarge instance type is used for node instances in the cluster. Ensure that the limit for the instance type is large enough to create a cluster. The default limit is 0.