Changing the default admin password

After the Cloud Edition cluster is successfully deployed, log in to the cluster and change the default admin password.


  1. Open a browser and enter one of the node IPs.
  2. When the cluster login page appears, log in using the default System Admin account called admin and the default password, administrator.
  3. Accept the license agreement. Then you are asked to validate the license either by connecting to Data Management or deploying On Prem and providing the license key. IBM® Support portal credentials are required.
  4. When prompted, accept the EULA and apply the license key that is provided by IBM.
  5. In the Change Password dialog box, enter and confirm the new password for the System Admin account. The minimum length of the password must be 8 characters.

    You can now start to use the cluster.

    Tip: For page-specific help in the cluster, click the help icon from the navigation menu.