Unregistering a cluster

Before you begin

The IBM® Storage Defender® eagle agent service is used to send and receive data between the IBM Storage Protect server and Data Management. Before you unregister a cluster, you can stop the eagle agent that is running in the background by completing the following steps:
  1. Stop the eagle-agent by issuing the dcli eagle-agent stop command.
  2. Delete the claim to your IBM Storage Protect server by issuing the dcli claim delete command.
  3. Delete the registration of the IBM Storage Protect server by issuing the dcli server delete command.
  4. Follow the procedure to unregister the cluster in Data Management.


  1. Click Settings > Clusters.
    The Cluster Management page is displayed.
  2. From the list of available clusters, click the Settings icon icon for the cluster that you want to unregister from Data Management.
  3. Select the Unregister option. The Unregister window is displayed, along with the following message:
    Are you sure you want to unregister the clusters from Data Management?
  4. Click Unregister.