Cluster Capacity Prediction

You can use the Data Management capacity prediction feature to determine when a cluster might run out of space. The prediction is based on the last 12 weeks of storage activity on the cluster.


To use the capacity prediction feature:

  1. From the dashboard, select a single cluster from the All Clusters navigation menu.
  2. Select Settings > Summary.
  3. The Capacity Prediction chart is displayed at the bottom of the Summary tab (only if you have selected a single cluster).
    Today's date is represented by the vertical line. Actual capacity utilization appears to the left of the vertical line, which is shown as a solid blue line. Predicted capacity utilization appears to the right, shown as a dotted blue line.
  4. Drag the mouse across the blue line to display the amount of used space and the predicted amount of utilization at a date in the future.
    The horizontal lines near the top of the chart show the total cluster capacity and the capacity at 80% and 90% utilization.
    Tip: The cluster issues the following alerts:
    • Alert CE00316002 when the capacity is at 90% utilization (critical).
    • Alert CE00502121 when the capacity is at 80% utilization (warning).
  5. If the chart indicates that the cluster might run out of space soon, consider taking the following actions to add or reclaim capacity:
    • Add more nodes to the cluster.
    • Clean up snapshots that are no longer required.
    • Archive snapshots to an External Target.
    • Configure Cloud Tier to hold rarely used data.
    • Change Storage Domains to use Erasure Coding (capacity utilization will be reduced over time).