Set an OSD’s in Weight

For the purposes of ceph osd in and ceph osd out, an OSD is either in the cluster or out of the cluster. That is how a monitor records an OSD’s status. However, even though an OSD is in the cluster, it might be experiencing a malfunction such that you do not want to rely on it as much until you fix it (for example, replace a storage drive, change out a controller, and so on).

You can increase or decrease the in weight of a particular OSD (that is, without changing its weight in Terabytes) by executing:


ceph osd reweight ID WEIGHT


  • id is the OSD number.

  • weight is a range from 0.0-1.0, where 0 is not in the cluster (that is, it does not have any PGs assigned to it) and 1.0 is in the cluster (that is, the OSD receives the same number of PGs as other OSDs).