Known issues

This section details the known issues in IBM® block storage CSI driver 1.9.0, along with possible solutions or workarounds (if available).

The following severity levels apply to known issues:


Ticket ID Severity Description
CSI-3382 Service After CSI Topology label deletion, volume provisioning does not work, even when not using any topology-aware YAML files.
Workaround: To allow volume provisioning through the CSI driver, delete the operator pod.
After the deletion, a new operator pod is created and the controller pod is automatically restarted, allowing for volume provisioning.
CSI-2157 Service In extremely rare cases, too many Fibre Channel worker node connections may result in a failure when the CSI driver attempts to attach a pod. As a result, the Host for node: {0} was not found, ensure all host ports are configured on storage error message may be found in the IBM block storage CSI driver controller logs.
Workaround: Ensure that all host ports are properly configured on the storage system. If the issue continues and the CSI driver can still not attach a pod, contact IBM Support.