What's new in ITX Advanced version 10.0

These features are new or enhanced for IBM® Transformation Extender Advanced (ITXA) version 10.0:

Product support

  • ITXA version 10.0 provides support for IBM Transformation Extender (ITX) version 10.
  • ITXA version 10.0 provides support for IBM Sterling B2B Integrator versions 6.0.1 - 6.0.3.

Product enhancements

  • Allowed envelope configurability of HIPAA compliance map parameter LoopId_In_Acknowledgement.
  • Added support for configuring MaxNumErrors for WTX X12 and EDIFACT compliance checking. Configured either as global parameter or as an envelope parameter. Without the ability to set this parameter, large flows with errors may hang.
  • Tracking of the original encoded document ID to its respective transaction control number using a Correlation.
  • Added capability to persist "BAD_TRANSLATED_" documents for enveloping, instead of only the original (non-transformed) document marked as "BAD_".
  • Expanded the size of primary key and item key of SPE_CODELIST_ITEM and SPE_CODELIST_ITEM_COLUMN.
  • Included information disclosure in WebSphere Application Server with handling of application request.
  • Upgraded J-Groups library.
  • Updated IBM Java 8 SDK (SR5 FP30).
  • Updated WebSphere Application Server Liberty Profile (

Bug fixes

  • Fixed cleanup of interchange documents in spe_storage when storage has been disabled and the in-memory threshold is crossed.
  • SI mapper standards updates for X12 7050, 7050RAIL, 7060, EDIFACT 17B, 18A, 18B.
  • Fixed issue where correlation overrides are not used for TA1 generation. Cannot use wildcarding in the ISA envelope for the affected parameters.
  • Fixed issue where WTX map service always creates Correlations for Map, MapVersion, and TranslationDateTime. It should only do this when document and tracking is turned on, and, the service parameter output_to_process_data is not set to "YES".
  • Fixed issue where external data harness does not handle XPath queries ending with "text()".
  • SPESample does not output "BAD_" documents for the enveloping API. Under this scenario, these documents are still "INPUT" documents, not FINAL or INTERMEDIATE.
  • Always use the original transaction segment count when extracting a transaction. Corrects issue where a segment count error is reported, but the extracted transaction document is corrected by SPE.

Deprecated functionality

  • Support for Linux on Power systems is deprecated in ITXA version 10.0. This will result in support for Linux on Power systems being removed in a later ITXA release.