Warnings settings

Warnings settings specify that the map should fail when any of the selected warning codes are returned. The default value for the Warnings setting is Every.

Enabling the Warnings options impacts the transaction behavior specified for each card in the map.

If a map execution warning code occurs, the map fails after processing of that map is finished.

Maps called (from the failed map) with a RUN function, PUT function, or GET function will still process, and the behavior defined in that map's card settings for Transaction OnSuccess and Transaction OnFailure occurs.

If any warning is set to Fail the map, and the map fails due to the cause associated with the selected warning, the execution audit includes the map-failed message with the appropriate warning code preceded by a minus sign, for example: Map failed on warning (-27).

Define your audit settings for each map, as the audit log of the main map may not reflect all failed map information if the failed maps are called with a RUN, PUT, or GET function.

Map fails when any of the warning codes are returned. This setting treats every warning the same way, depending on the value of the Return setting. For Return, you can select Warn, Ignore, or Fail.
Map fails only when the user-selected warning codes are returned. The specific warnings are available only if the value of the Warnings setting is Custom.