Map execution warning messages

The following table lists the return codes that are warnings only - meaning that the map did complete, but some problems occurred. You can change the default behavior for the warning codes by specifying Fail on Warnings or Ignore Warnings through the map settings or by using the -F or -Z execution command.

The warning codes marked with an asterisk (*) are returned only when at least one output is listed in the Data Audit Settings of the Organizer and in the Map Settings dialog box, MapAudit is enabled with Data enabled for the Log setting.

Return Code
One or more outputs was invalid

A number produced an overflow condition. Enable the Trace Output option, run the map again, and read the trace file.

Page usage count error

Your data mapped correctly; however, an internal paging problem exists.

Input valid but unknown data found

Enough of the input data to conform to the card definition was recognized, but there was more data at the end of the input stream. Enable the Trace Input setting, run the map again and read the map trace file (.log).

Output type in error

The entire card object is in error.

Output type contains errors

One or more components failed restrictions or a component rule.

Input type contains errors

This occurs when mapping data of a component that has a RESTART assigned to it, and at least one instance of the component in the input data is invalid.

Output valid, but unknown data found

This occurs when enough of the output data is recognized to conform to the card definition, but there was more data at the end of the output stream.

Too few pages requested, more allocated

The map can complete but it can be better optimized by increasing the page count.