What's new in

Use the new and changed functions in IBM Transformation Extender version to develop and improve transformation solutions.

Run maps as services from a web server or cloud platform

With new IBM Transformation Extender REST APIs, you can run maps on a web server, catalog maps, and generate Swagger documentation for them. Applications can call cataloged maps without knowledge of the map details or ITX specifics. A tutorial installed in install_dir\examples\restapi demonstrates how to catalog maps and call them directly or through the Swagger interface.

Securely deploy a Launcher system to a remote host

The new ssftpdeploy utility command uses the SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) to deploy a Launcher system to a remote host.

Consume and produce messages in an Apache Kafka cluster

With the new Apache Kafka adapter, Transformation Extender maps can connect to a Kafka cluster to consume and produce messages.

Read data from and write data to an Apache Hadoop Distributed File System

With the new Apache HDFS adapter, Transformation Extender maps can read and write data in Hadoop environments.

Return formatted output as a data stream through the Excel and PDF adapters

With new options on the Excel adapter and PDF adapter commands, a map can use a GET rule to transform data to Excel or PDF format and return it as a data stream to the map or to another application. Documents used during map processing can be managed in memory.

Sort objects in a series based on a component that the objects contain

The new SORTUPBY and SORTDOWNBY functions sort the objects of a series in ascending or descending order, based on a component that the objects contain.

Improved readability of map trace files

The Trace tab of the Map Designer organizer window and the dtxmaptrace utility command can display a filtered summary of the trace file, showing only a subset of the full trace messages, to facilitate the diagnosis of input validation failures.

Resolve resource aliases while debugging a map remotely
Use the new -mrc option with the StartDebugServer command to specify a resource configuration file while running a map under the debugger.