WebSphere brand Transformation Extender Pack for SAP PI version 8.3.2

Understanding the SAP XML Message Type

A type tree is similar to a metadata dictionary because it contains a collection of type definitions. In an SAP XML Message Type the elements for the SAP XML Message type are defined. The type tree is designed to match the SAP PI requirements for an XML message with header.

A message in the Exchange Infrastructure is structured as follows:

The properties of the message are contained in the Message Header (for example, the Destination, Delivery Mode, and Message ID).

The actual business data is transferred in the Payload.

You can also append an unlimited number of attachments to the message before it is sent. Attachments typically comprise non-XML data, for example, pictures, text documents and binary data.

Using an XML schema you can describe any number of XML schema definitions for the payload of a message. The instance of a schema that is described is sent using the Exchange Infrastructure at runtime.