Accessibility for Blind Users

Support for blind users is predominately dependent on the use of a screen reader, such as JAWS for Microsoft Windows. For this purpose, you can specify a number of settings in the Options dialog box in IBM® SPSS® Text Analytics for Surveys.


On this tab, you can edit the sounds used in the product. Under Sound Events, you can specify a sound to be used to notify you when an event occurs. By turning sounds on or off or assigning specific sounds, you can control the way you are alerted to particular operations in the software. For example, you can activate sounds for events such the end of the extraction process, the end of an automatic categorization technique, or more common tasks, such as cut, paste, copy, and delete.

Options dialog box: Sounds tab
Options dialog box: Sounds tab

A number of sounds are available. Use the ellipsis button (...) to browse for and select a sound. The .wav files used to create sounds for SPSS Text Analytics for Surveys are stored in the /media subdirectory of the installation directory. If you do not want sounds to be played, select Mute All Sounds. Sounds are muted by default.