Installing the Secure Service Container for IBM Cloud Private CLI tool

IBM Secure Service Container for IBM Cloud Private is a secure node infrastructure deployed on IBM Secure Service Container of IBM Z or LinuxONE, which has a REST API layer for creating nodes/isolated virtual machines (VMs) that can become the cluster nodes for IBM Cloud Private once installed.

The Secure Service Container for IBM Cloud Private command line interface (CLI) tool automates the infrastructure setup by creating all the necessary cluster nodes/isolated VMs and provision them with appropriate network, storage, CPU, memory resources.

The CLI tool configuration and installation is the prerequisites for an IBM Cloud Private installation on the Secure Service Container for IBM Cloud Private environment.

This procedure is intended for users with role cloud administrator.

Before you begin


On the x86 server, complete the following steps.

  1. Log in as a root user, and install jq and network-manager utilities. See jq and NetworkManager for more details.

    • For Ubuntu:
      apt-get install jq
      apt-get -y install network-manager
      /bin/systemctl start network-manager
    • For RedHat:
      yum install -y network-manager-applet.x86_64
      gunzip -d jq-1.5.tar.gz
      tar -xvf jq-1.5.tar
      cd jq-1.5/
      ./configure --disable-maintainer-mode
      make install
  2. Go to the installation directory that you extracted the Secure Service Container for IBM Cloud Private archive file as in Downloading Secure Service Container for IBM Cloud Private, and then install the docker image of the command line tool.

    cd /opt/<installation-directory>
    docker load < ssc4icp-cli-installer.docker-image.tar
  3. Download the configuration templates to the x86 server by using the following command. After the command is complete, a config directory is created with a hosts and ssc4icp-config.yaml file. You will need to update both files when Configuring the cluster resources.

    docker run --network=host --rm -v $(pwd):/data ibmzcontainers/ssc4icp-cli-installer:1.1.2 cp -r config /data

Note: Ensure that the isolated VM archive file ICPIsolatedvm.tar.gz exists in the /config directory. If not, copy it from where you extracted the installation archive file. The CLI tool will use the isolated VM archive to create cluster nodes. For more information, see Creating the cluster nodes.


Follow the instructions on Installing IBM Cloud Private cluster to plan the cluster resources and install the IBM Cloud Private cluster.