Deploying IBM Cloud Private

Use this procedure to deploy the IBM Cloud Private cluster to the cluster nodes on your x86 server and Secure Service Container partitions. Note that the x86 server is the master node and boot node for the IBM Cloud Private cluster.

This procedure is intended for users with role cloud administrator.

Before you begin


  1. Download the IBM Cloud Private installation package to the x86 server.

    • For the community edition, pull the docker image by using the following command. See Installing IBM Cloud Private-CE for more details
      sudo docker pull ibmcom/icp-inception:3.1.2
    • For the enterprise edition, download the following files from IBM Passport Advantage site.
      • ibm-cloud-private-x86_64-3.1.2.gz, which is for a Linux 64-bit IBM Cloud Private cluster.
      • ibm-cloud-private-s390x-3.1.2.gz, which is for a cluster that uses IBM Z worker and proxy nodes.
  2. Install the IBM Cloud Private runtime environment based on the release of your choice.



You can manually install the Helm charts for your applications or other products that are included with your IBM Cloud Private package. See Deploying containerized applications for more details.