Create App Hosts

You can create one or more App Hosts by running the App Host installer.

You need to have the pairing information either in a file or in your clipboard. This procedure requires sudo and you must log in as appadmin.

To create an App Host, open the system console and run the following command:
sudo manageAppHost install <options>
If you have the pairing information in your clipboard, you are prompted for it by default. If you have the pairing information in a file, add the -p option:
-p <full path to file>
The installation automatically searches for a certificate to trust. If a certificate is not available and you have a certificate in PEM format, add the -c option:
-c <full path to PEM certificate>

If you require proxy authentication for the App Host to connect to the Kubernetes k3s environment or SOAR Platform, see Configure proxy authentication.

If the App Hosts need to access services whose host names are not in the network Domain Name Server, you can add the host name to the server hosting the App Hosts as follows. The <ip_address> is the address of the server you wish to access, and <hostname> is the name of the server. If a server has multiple names, you can add each name using --hostname as shown in the command.
manageAppHost dns --set --ip <ip_address> --hostname <hostname1> --hostname <hostname2>

NOTE: You can use the --show option to see the defined host names and the --clear option to remove a hostname previously set with the manageAppHost command.

You can create additional App Hosts. One system hosting multiple App Hosts can pair App Hosts to multiple SOAR organizations; however, a single App Host can be paired to a single organization only.