Upgrading DR

Before you can upgrade the SOAR platform or DR, you must disable DR and then upgrade the SOAR platform on each of the appliances. When SOAR platform and DR are upgraded, the steps include enabling DR, which can take some time and requires downtime on master.

For the upgrade scenario described here, DR is currently enabled.

  1. Disable DR by first stopping the SOAR platform, waiting until synchronization is complete, and then running the playbook to disable DR, as described in Disabling DR.
  2. Upgrade the SOAR platform on each of the appliances, as described in Upgrading the platform.
  3. Upgrade DR using the following command:
    sudo yum upgrade resilient-dr
  4. Verify that the vault_vars_maximum_async_wait_in_minutes and vault_vars_poll_interval_in_seconds are entries in the Ansible vault files, as described in Step 5: Creating Ansible vault files. If these entries are missing, compare the vault contents with vault.template in /usr/share/resilient-dr/ansible/templates/ and add these and any other entries that have yet to be set in the vault file.
    Important: The parameters must be set before running enable_dr.yml.
  5. Enable DR using the playbook, as described in Enabling DR.