Playbook designer

The Playbook designer feature allows you to graphically design playbooks.

The Playbook designer has a graphic tool feature to create and edit playbooks, and a management feature.

The Playbook designer graphic tool consists of the following:
  • Library to access customizations, such as tasks, functions, and scripts, and decision points. The library does not provide access to rules and workflows since those capabilities are embedded.
  • Canvas and graphic tools to design the playbook using a flowchart capability.
  • Detail panels for each node and decision point to provide information and ability to customize the nodes.

The Playbook manager displays all the playbooks and their status. The Playbooks page is the initial page shown when you click Playbooks in the menu bar. From this page, you can create or edit playbooks.

For each incident, there is a Playbook progress link to show the status of the playbook instance for this incident.

See the following topics for detailed descriptions of the Playbook designer features. To create and manage playbooks, see Build and manage playbooks.