Save (Geospatial Association Rules)

Save the map and context data as a map specification
Save the map specifications to an external file (.mplan). You can load this map specification file into the wizard for subsequent analyses. You can also use the map specification file with the SPATIAL ASSOCIATION RULES command.
Copy any map and data files into the specification
Data from map shape files, external data files, and datasets used in the map specification are saved in the map specification file.
Saves best rule values, confidence values for the rules, and numeric ID values for the rules as new fields in the specified data source.
Data Source to Score
The data source or sources where the new fields are created. If the data source is not open in the current session, it is opened in the current session. You must explicitly save the modified file to save the new fields.
Target Values
Create new fields for the selected target (prediction) fields.
  • Two new fields are created for each target field: predicted value and confidence value.
  • For continuous (scale) target fields, the predicted value is a string that describes a value range. A value of the form "(value1, value2]" means "greater than value1 and less than or equal to value2."
Number of best rules
Create new fields for the number of best rules specified. Three new fields are created for each rule: rule value, confidence value, and a numeric ID value for the rule.
Name Prefix
Prefix to use for the new field names.