Geospatial Relationship (Geospatial Modeling Wizard)

For geospatial association rules, the Geospatial Relationship dialog defines how events relate to the features in the map.

  • This setting applies only to geospatial association rules.
  • This setting only affects data sources associated with maps that are specified as context data on the step for selecting data sources.
The event occurs close to a specified point or area on the map.
The event occurs within a specified area on the map.
The event area contains a map context object.
Locations where lines or regions from the different maps intersect each other.
For multiple maps, locations where lines (for roads, rivers, railroads) from different lines cross each other.
North of, Sourth of, East of, West of
The event occurs within an area north, south, east, or west of a specified point on the map.