Binning and Aggregation (Geospatial Association Rules)

  • Aggregation is necessary when there are more records in the data than there are features in the map. For example, you have data records for individual counties but you have a map of states.
  • You can specify the aggregate summary measure method for continuous and ordinal fields. Nominal fields are aggregated based on the modal value.
For continuous (scale) fields, the summary measure can be mean, median, or sum.
For ordinal fields, the summary measure can be median, mode, highest, or lowest.
Number of bins
Sets the maximum number of bins for continuous (scale) fields. Continuous fields are always grouped or "binned" into ranges of values. For example: less than or equal to 5, greater than 5 and less than or equal to 10, or greater than 10.
Aggregate the map
Apply aggregation to both data and maps.
Custom settings for specific fields
You can override the default summary measure and number of bins for specific fields.
  • Click the icon to open the Field Chooser dialog and select a field to add to the list.
  • In the Aggregation column, select a summary measure.
  • For continuous fields, click the button in the Bins column to specify a custom number of bins for the field in the Bins dialog.