General Rules for Editing Visualizations

Edit Mode

All edits are done in Edit mode. To enable Edit mode, from the menus choose:

View > Edit Mode


The options available for editing depend on selection. Different toolbar and properties palette options are enabled depending on what is selected. Only the enabled items apply to the current selection. For example, if an axis is selected, the Scale, Major Ticks, and Minor Ticks tabs are available in the properties palette.

Here are some tips for selecting items in the visualization:

  • Click an item to select it.
  • Select a graphic element (such as points in a scatterplot or bars in a bar chart) with a single click. After initial selection, click again to narrow the selection to groups of graphic elements or a single graphic element.
  • Press Esc to deselect everything.


When an item is selected in the visualization, the various palettes are updated to reflect the selection. The palettes contain controls for making edits to the selection. Palettes may be toolbars or a panel with multiple controls and tabs. Palettes can be hidden, so ensure the necessary palette is displayed for making edits. Check the View menu for palettes that are currently displayed.

You can reposition the palettes by clicking and dragging the empty space in a toolbar palette or the left side of other palettes. Visual feedback lets you know where you can dock the palette. For non-toolbar palettes, you can also click the close button to hide the palette and the undock button to display the palette in a separate window. Click the help button to display help for the specific palette.

Automatic Settings

Some settings provide an -auto- option. This indicates that automatic values are applied. Which automatic settings are used depends on the specific visualization and data values. You can enter a value to override the automatic setting. If you want to restore the automatic setting, delete the current value and press Enter. The setting will display -auto- again.

Removing/Hiding Items

You can remove/hide various items in the visualization. For example, you can hide the legend or axis label. To delete an item, select it and press Delete. If the item does not allow deletion, nothing will happen. If you accidentally delete an item, press Ctrl+Z to undo the deletion.


Some toolbars reflect the state of the current selection, others don't. The properties palette always reflects state. If a toolbar does not reflect state, this is mentioned in the topic that describes the toolbar.