Navigating the Cluster Viewer

The Cluster Viewer is an interactive display. You can:

  • Select a field or cluster to view more details.
  • Compare clusters to select items of interest.
  • Alter the display.
  • Transpose axes.

Using the Toolbars

You control the information shown in both the left and right panels by using the toolbar options. You can change the orientation of the display (top-down, left-to-right, or right-to-left) using the toolbar controls. In addition, you can also reset the viewer to the default settings, and open a dialog box to specify the contents of the Clusters view in the main panel.

The Sort Features By, Sort Clusters By, Cells, and Display options are only available when you select the Clusters view in the main panel. See the topic Clusters View for more information.

Table 1. Toolbar icons
Icon Topic
See Transpose Clusters and Features
See Sort Features By
See Sort Clusters By
See Cells

Control Cluster View Display

To control what is shown in the Clusters view on the main panel, click the Display button; the Display dialog opens.

Features. Selected by default. To hide all input features, deselect the check box.

Evaluation Fields. Choose the evaluation fields (fields not used to create the cluster model, but sent to the model viewer to evaluate the clusters) to display; none are shown by default. Note The evaluation field must be a string with more than one value. This check box is unavailable if no evaluation fields are available.

Cluster Descriptions. Selected by default. To hide all cluster description cells, deselect the check box.

Cluster Sizes. Selected by default. To hide all cluster size cells, deselect the check box.

Maximum Number of Categories. Specify the maximum number of categories to display in charts of categorical features; the default is 20.