Stacked Scale Variables

This example uses the data file survey_sample.sav. See the topic Sample Files for more information.

You can summarize multiple scale variables in the same table by stacking them in the table.

  1. From the menus, choose:

    Analyze > Tables > Custom Tables...

  2. In the table builder, click Age of respondent in the variable list, Ctrl-click Highest year of school completed, and Ctrl-click Hours per day watching TV to select all three variables.
  3. Drag and drop the three selected variables to the Rows area of the canvas pane.

    The three variables are stacked in the row dimension. Since all three variables are scale variables, no categories are displayed, and the default summary statistic is the mean.

  4. Click OK to create the table.
Figure 1. Table of mean values of stacked scale variables
Table of mean values of stacked scale variables