Hiding Categories in a Computed Category

As with subtotals, you can suppress the display of the categories that are used in a computed category's expression and display only the computed category itself. The following example builds on the previous one.

This example uses the data file survey_sample.sav. See the topic Sample Files for more information.

  1. From the menus, choose:

    Analyze > Tables > Custom Tables...

  2. Right-click Age category on the canvas pane and choose Categories and Totals from the pop-up menu.
  3. Select the Less than 45 computed category in the Value(s) list.
  4. Click Edit to display the Define Compute Category dialog box.
  5. Select Hide categories used in expression from table.
  6. Then click Continue.
  7. Select the Less than 65 subtotal in the Value(s) list.
  8. Click Edit to display the Define Subtotal dialog box.
  9. Select Hide subtotaled categories from the table.
  10. Then click Continue.
  11. Click Apply and then click OK in the table builder to create the table.
Figure 1. Computed category with subtotal and hidden categories
Computed category with subtotal and hidden categories

Like the previous example, the table includes a computed category and a subtotal. But in this case the categories in each are hidden so that only these totals are shown.