Step 3 - Edit the Map

Now that you have specified basic options for the map, you can edit more specific ones. These modifications are optional. This step of the Map Conversion Utility guides you through the associated tasks and displays a preview of the map so you can verify your changes. Some tasks may not be available depending on shapefile type (point, polyline, or polygon) and coordinate system.

Every task has the following common controls on the left side of the Map Conversion Utility.

Show the labels on the map. By default, feature labels are not shown in the preview. You can choose to display the labels. Although the labels can help identify features, they may interfere with direct selection on the preview map. Turn on this option when you need it, for example when you are editing the feature labels.

Color the map preview. By default, the preview map displays areas with a solid color. All features are the same color. You can choose to have an assortment of colors assigned to the individual map features. This option may help distinguish different features in the map. It will be especially helpful when you merge features and want to see how the new features are represented in the preview.

Every task also has the following common control on the right side of the Map Conversion Utility.

Undo. Click Undo to revert to the last state. You can undo a maximum of 100 changes.