Step 1 - Choose Destination and Source Files

You first have to select a source map file and a destination for the converted map file. You will need both the .shp and .dbf files for the shapefile.

Select a .shp (ESRI) or .smz file for conversion. Browse to an existing map file on your computer. This is the file that you will convert to and save as an SMZ file. The .dbf file for the shapefile must be stored in the same location with a base file name that matches the .shp file. The .dbf file is required because it contains the attribute information for the .shp file.

Set a destination and file name for the converted map file. Enter a path and file name for the SMZ file that will be created from the original map source.

  • Import to the Template Chooser. In addition to saving a file on the file system, you can optionally add the map to the Manage list of the Template Chooser. If you choose this option, the map will automatically be available in the Template Chooser for IBM® SPSS® products installed on your computer. If you don't import to the Template Chooser now, you will need to import it manually at a later time. For more information about importing maps into the Template Chooser Manage system, see Managing Templates, Stylesheets, and Map Files .