Table Control

The Table control creates a table with a fixed number of columns and a variable number of rows that are added at run time. The Table control has the following properties:

Identifier. The unique identifier for the control. This is the identifier to use when referencing the control in the syntax template.

Title. An optional title that appears with the control. For multi-line titles or long titles, click the ellipsis (...) button and enter your title in the Title Property dialog.

ToolTip. Optional ToolTip text that appears when the user hovers over the control.

Mnemonic Key. An optional character in the title to use as a keyboard shortcut to the control. The character appears underlined in the title. The shortcut is activated by pressing Alt+[mnemonic key].The Mnemonic Key property is not supported on Mac.

Reorder Buttons. Specifies whether move up and move down buttons are added to the table. These buttons are used at run time to reorder the rows of the table.

Table Columns. Click the ellipsis (...) button to open the Table Columns dialog box, where you specify the columns of the table.

Minimum Rows. The minimum number of rows that must be in the table.

Maximum Rows. The maximum number of rows that can be in the table.

Required for Execution. Specifies whether a value is required in this control in order for execution to proceed. If True is specified, the OK and Paste buttons will be disabled until a value is specified for this control. If False is specified, the absence of a value in this control has no effect on the state of the OK and Paste buttons.

Syntax. Specifies the command syntax that is generated by this control at run time and can be inserted in the syntax template.

  • The value %%ThisValue%% specifies the run time value of the control and is the default. The run time value is a blank-separated list of the syntax that is generated by each column in the table, starting with the leftmost column. If the Syntax property includes %%ThisValue%% and none of the columns generate syntax, then the table as a whole does not generate any syntax.
  • You can specify any valid command syntax. For multi-line syntax or long syntax, click the ellipsis (...) button and enter your syntax in the Syntax Property dialog.

Enabling Rule. Specifies a rule that determines when the current control is enabled. Click the ellipsis (...) button to open the Enabling Rule dialog box and specify the rule. The Enabling Rule property is visible only when other controls that can be used to specify an enabling rule exist on the canvas.

Note: The Table control is not available in compatibility mode.