Sub-dialog button

The Sub-dialog Button control specifies a button for launching a sub-dialog and provides access to the Dialog Builder for the sub-dialog. The Sub-dialog Button has the following properties:

Identifier. The unique identifier for the control.

Title. The text that is displayed in the button.

ToolTip. Optional ToolTip text that appears when the user hovers over the control.

Sub-dialog. Click the ellipsis (...) button to open the Custom Dialog Builder for the sub-dialog. You can also open the builder by double-clicking on the Sub-dialog button.

Mnemonic Key. An optional character in the title to use as a keyboard shortcut to the control. The character appears underlined in the title. The shortcut is activated by pressing Alt+[mnemonic key]. The Mnemonic Key property is not supported on Mac.

Enabling Rule. Specifies a rule that determines when the current control is enabled. Click the ellipsis (...) button to open the Enabling Rule dialog box and specify the rule. The Enabling Rule property is visible only when other controls that can be used to specify an enabling rule exist on the canvas.

Note: The Sub-dialog Button control cannot be added to a sub-dialog.