Pie Charts

A pie chart is useful for comparing proportions. For example, you may use a pie chart to demonstrate that a greater proportion of women are enrolled in a certain class.

How to create a simple pie chart

  1. In the Chart Builder, click the Gallery tab and select Pie/Polar in the Choose From list.
  2. Drag the Pie Chart icon onto the canvas.
  3. Drag a categorical (nominal or ordinal) variable to the Slice By drop zone. The categories in this variable determine the number of slices in the pie chart.
  4. Specify a statistic in the Element Properties tab. For pie charts, you typically want a count-based statistic or a sum. The result of the statistic determines the size of each slice. If the statistic you want does not appear in the Statistic list, it may require a variable. Drag a scale variable to the Angle Variable drop zone and check if the statistic is now available.

Additional features

Paneling. Paneling creates a table of charts, with a cell for each category in the paneling variable. See the topic Adding Paneling Variables for more information.