Line charts

You can use a line chart to summarize categorical variables, in which case it is similar to a bar chart (see Bar charts ). Line charts are also useful for time-series data.

How to create a simple time-series line chart

  1. In the Chart Builder, click the Gallery tab and select Line in the Choose From list.
  2. Drag the Simple Line icon onto the canvas.
  3. Drag a date variable to the x-axis drop zone.
  4. Drag a scale variable to the y-axis drop zone. This is the variable whose values were recorded over time.

Additional features

Grouping. You can specify a categorical variable for splitting the line into groups. This multi-line chart is useful for comparing the values of the groups. For more information about grouping, see Adding and editing grouping variables . The gallery also provides grouped line charts.

Paneling. Paneling creates a table of charts, with a cell for each category in the paneling variable. See the topic Adding Paneling Variables for more information.