Item Group

The Item Group control is a container for other controls, allowing you to group and control the syntax generated from multiple controls. For example, you have a set of check boxes that specify optional settings for a subcommand, but only want to generate the syntax for the subcommand if at least one box is checked. This is accomplished by using an Item Group control as a container for the check box controls. The following types of controls can be contained in an Item Group: field chooser, dataset selector, check box, combo box, list box, text control, number control, date control, secured text, static text, color picker, table control, radio group, and file browser. The Item Group control has the following properties:

Identifier. The unique identifier for the control. This is the identifier to use when referencing the control in the syntax template.

Title. An optional title for the group. For multi-line titles or long titles, click the ellipsis (...) button and enter your title in the Title Property dialog.

Syntax. Specifies the command syntax that is generated by this control at run time and can be inserted in the syntax template.

  • You can specify any valid command syntax. For multi-line syntax or long syntax, click the ellipsis (...) button and enter your syntax in the Syntax Property dialog.
  • You can include identifiers for any controls contained in the item group. At run time the identifiers are replaced with the syntax generated by the controls.
  • The value %%ThisValue%% generates a blank-separated list of the syntax generated by each control in the item group, in the order in which they appear in the group (top to bottom). This is the default. If the Syntax property includes %%ThisValue%% and no syntax is generated by any of the controls in the item group, then the item group as a whole does not generate any command syntax.

Enabling Rule. Specifies a rule that determines when the current control is enabled. Click the ellipsis (...) button to open the Enabling Rule dialog box and specify the rule. The Enabling Rule property is visible only when other controls that can be used to specify an enabling rule exist on the canvas.