Tree Map

The tree map provides a compact, simplified view of the tree that you can use to navigate the tree and select nodes.

To use the tree map window:

  1. Open the Tree Editor (double-click the tree in the Viewer window).
  2. From the Tree Editor menus choose:

    View > Tree Map

  • The currently selected node is highlighted in both the Tree Model Editor and the tree map window.
  • The portion of the tree that is currently in the Tree Model Editor view area is indicated with a red rectangle in the tree map. Right-click and drag the rectangle to change the section of the tree displayed in the view area.
  • If you select a node in the tree map that isn't currently in the Tree Editor view area, the view shifts to include the selected node.
  • Multiple node selection works the same in the tree map as in the Tree Editor: Ctrl-click to select multiple nodes. You cannot use multiple selection on a parent node and a child/descendant of the same node branch.